About Music Scanning Software

Music Scanning Software was established in 2008. MagicScore Software, a renowned leader in the area of music notation and music composition software. Today, Music Scanning Software offers musicians a variety of products for scanning and automatically recognizing sheet music. The company's products are attractively priced and combine professional functionality with ultimate ease of use.

Our Mission

Music Scanning Software helps musicians and publishers create scores of the highest possible quality by offering the ability to automatically scan and recognize notes. As a result, the scores produced by the company's products can be printed or used in music notation and music composition software made by MagicScore Software and third parties.

The products offered by Music Scanning Software provide musicians with a convenient high-end solution for getting and publishing scores of the highest quality. Music Scanning Software products work stand-alone or in conjunction with other products by MagicScore Software, offering the best possible results for obtaining and publishing scores of top quality, including instrumental parts, music arrangements, and rehearsal accompaniments. The products are perfect for producing quality recordings and recording highly-affordable music CDs.



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