Scan and Recognize Sheet Music Automatically

Scan and recognize sheet music with SharpEye, the highly acclaimed, music scanning software.
Save time and effort by letting SharpEye scan and convert printed sheet music into music notation or MIDIscan sheet music files. SharpEye delivers the highest quality scores and instrumental parts without user interaction by performing automatic music OCR, or OMR (optical music recognition).


Scan your music and then convert printed sheets into music notation
or MIDI files. Print, arrange, and edit scores in music notation or MIDI
sequencer tools. Just feed sheet music into a scanner and SharpEye
will convert printed sheets into scores completely automatically!


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Solutions for Musicians

Our wide range of solutions offers complete packages for creating music and working with scores and allows musicians to scan, recognize, transpose, edit, print, and arrange music in stand-alone products or Microsoft Word. We have solutions to fit any budget and meet the most demanding requests.

Advanced Solutions

Our most advanced solutions will satisfy even the most demanding musicians requiring the best possible quality in scanning and recognizing sheet music. Our advanced solutions offer extensive capabilities for creating, editing, and printing sheet music, as well as creating high-quality music arrangements and accompaniments that can be recorded to discs and other media.

Advanced music scanning and notation solutions

Value for Your Money

We have solutions to fit any budget while still maintaining the high quality of music recognition.
Our value packages are a great choice for musicians on a budget who require high quality in scanning and recognizing sheet music. Offering the best price-performance ratio, our value deals offer basic to advanced capabilities for composing, modifying, and printing scores. Our value solutions offer tools for creating accompaniments and music arrangements.

Value packages

Special Purpose Tools

Our special purpose tools include packages tailored for guitar players and other soloists. Our specialist packages provide comprehensive scanning and recognition capabilities and offer soloists the ability to work with scores that include guitar tablatures and fingerings. These tools are perfect for working with music, including composing music.

Music scanning and notation products for guitarists and other soloists

Convenience Tools for Microsoft Word

Our convenience packages enable musicians to scan and recognize music while composing, editing, and printing sheet music directly in Microsoft Word. We offer affordable deals as well as solutions to satisfy demanding musicians requiring access to the most extensive capabilities for working with sheet music in MS Word. A 50% discount on music notation software is available if you order these tools as part of a package.

Music notation software for MS Word